Aranceri a piedi – Orange-throwers on foot

The Historic Carnival of Ivrea
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Aranceri a piedi – Orange-throwers on foot

Asso di Picche (The Ace of Spades)

Set up in 1947 by a group of young players from Ivrea football club, they have a red and blue uniform, with the ace of spades as their emblem and a black neckerchief.
The battle ground of the team, one of the oldest ones, is Piazza di Città.

Aranceri della Morte (Death)

They share Piazza di Città with the Spades and were formed in 1954 thanks to a group of friends from San Grato quarter. The original tunic was a blue work overall. At present, however, the uniform has a black tunic with a white skull and cross bones on it and red trousers.

Scacchi (The Chess pieces)

Their name came from the number of their first orange-throwers – sixteen like the pieces on one side of the chess board. Since 1964 the number of members has grown, but the black and white checked tunic remains, with an orange tower, the symbol of Ivrea castle. Also their neckerchief is orange.
The team, which is one of the biggest ones, throws oranges in Piazza Ottinetti.

I Tuchini del Borghetto (The Tuchini)

Borghetto, one of the oldest and most fascinating parts of the city, is the Tuchini’s territory. They first appeared in 1964 with the uniform they still wear today, red and green with a red neckerchief. Their emblem is the crow, after the symbol of Croatia; in fact in olden days many Croatians lived in Ivrea.

Scorpioni d’Arduino (The Arduini)

The team, that shares Piazza Ottinetti with the Scacchi, was set up in 1966 and owes its name to one of the most interesting streets in the old town centre, via Arduino. The Scorpion team members wear light green trousers, a neckerchief that is changed each year, and a yellow tunic with a scorpion on the back.

Pantera nera (The Panthers)

They are the last team to throw oranges, along with the Mercenaries and the Devils, in the huge Piazza del Rondolino. After their formation in 1966, the Panthers “fought” for about ten years in Piazza di Città, where they were practically born, then moved to Piazza Ferrando and later Piazza Ottinetti, until they reached their present battlefield.
The team members wear a black uniform with yellow stripes like their neckerchief.
Their emblem, as their name says, is a roaring panther.

I Diavoli (The Devils)

One of the most famous teams, the Devils have their throwing ground in Piazza del Rondolino. Set up in 1973, they can be recognised thanks to their red tunic and trousers with yellow bands and a yellow neckerchief. Their symbol is a devil with his fork.

I Mercenari(The Mercenaries)

They too can be found in Piazza del Rondolino. The Mercenaries group was founded in 1974 and they have a purple emblem, yellow trousers which have been replaced with their original blue jeans, and a patterned neckerchief. The team chose as their symbol two scimitars in a yellow 5-pointed star.

I Credendari Aranceri (The Credendari)

The last team, formed in 1985 but not recognised until 1989, throw oranges in Piazza Freguglia and their tunic is yellow and blue with a yellow neckerchief.
The emblem shows the Palazzo della Credenza and below it the mace (symbol of the Council) crossed with the axe (symbol of the Podestà) and, further down, the name of the team.