Aranceri Carri da Getto – Orange-throwers on carts

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Aranceri Carri da Getto – Orange-throwers on carts

The orange-throwers on carts, along with the  teams on foot, are undoubtedly the heroes of the Oranges Battle.

The throwers on the carts are divided into about 40 teams – the number varying from year to year – in turn divided according to whether drawn by two horses (about thirty) or four horses (about ten).
In the symbolism of Carnival, the orange-throwers on the carts personify the tyrant’s guards who fight against the people, represented by the throwers on foot.
For this reason the orange-throwers on the carts have a leather mask (with a grille or plexiglass to protect their eyes) and a padded jacket (while the foot throwers, the poor people, wear only a tunic and trousers in their team’s colours).
Every cart, whether drawn by two or four horses, has a driver (the owner of hirer of the cart and horses) and a cart leader, the person  who deals with organisation and management of the cart and orange-throwers.
The carts also make an important contribution to Ivrea Carnival in terms of aesthetics, thanks to the elegance of  the beautifully adorned, plaited horses and the decorations of the carts, often painted by local artists.