Bandiere delle parrocchie – Flags of the parishes

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Bandiere delle parrocchie – Flags of the parishes

The Parish Flags, which have been in existence since the mid 1800s, show figures and symbols connected with the town’s history, along with religious items peculiar to each parish. Carried by the Alfieri (Ensigns), they head the Ivrea Carnival Parade:


Band Flag of San Maurizio (dal Castlass)

date uncertain
Crimson on a beige background, with in the centre written Viva San Maurizio. Rione del Castellazzo is written on the back.
Size: cm. 150×140 (base x height).


Flag of San Pietro and San Donato (dal Merca’ or d’la Sita’)

date uncertain
Red background with blue border and large white cross. From the right edge four white flames go toward the centre, parallel to the horizontal arm of the cross, two in the upper part and two in the lower one.
Size: cm. 160×150


Flag of San Grato (del Borghetto)

about 1836
Red background with blue and white checked edging. At the four corners figures showing the Castellazzo in flames; the Scarlo with Pich and Pala; a three-coloured flag, a drum, a sword with an orange on the blade tip and a red flag with the Protocol Book. In the centre the inscription Rione del Borghetto and on the back Viva San Grato.
Size: cm. 140×130.


Flag of Sant’Ulderico (dal Dom)

Yellow with a beige border. The square in the centre has a mitre with cross and pastoral staff. On the back is the inscription Viva S. Ulderico 1984 (year in which the flag was remade).
Size: cm. 125×120.


Flag of San Salvatore (del Bando)

Light beige background with darker beige centre and the words Bogo di Bando. The lighter part is decorated with leaves edged with a dark beige border. Viva San Salvatore is written on the back.
Size: cm. 140×135.


Flag of San Lorenzo

Large white cross with three-cusped ends and in the centre written Rione San Lorenzo on a background of four different colours. The first quarter is yellow with an eagle, the second quarter green with three bunches of ears of wheat, the third quarter light blue with two fish and the last quarter red with a crown made of laurel. On the back are a picture of Deacon Lorenzo in dalmatic red with the Holy Gospel and the palm of martyrdom while he points to the gridiron.
Size: cm. 160×135.


Flag of San Bernardo

Green background edged with red, two double corn cobs in the centre and the bust of San Bernardo di Chiaravalle in the upper quarter. In the lower quarter there is an eagle on a blue background.
Size: cm. 135×140.


Flag of Torre Balfredo

The flag is divided into three vertical bands with a griffin holding up a tower in the centre. In the upper part of the first band is an eagle with the coat of arms of the City of Ivrea, in the lower part a square with diagonal red and white stripes on a blue background. The square with diagonal stripes is repeated at the top of the third band, while at the bottom there is a gold key on a blue background.
Size: cm. 175×140.


Flag of the Sacred Heart

White field bordered in blue with a red heart in the center surmounted by the Cross. In the four quarters, the angles: a caduceus, anvil and sprockets, scythe, rake, pitchfork, shovel, ear of corn, a caduceus (staff, two entwined snakes and two wings).
Dimensions: cm. 140 × 140.