Cavallanti – Horse-herders/drivers

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Cavallanti - Horse-herders/drivers

Ivrea and horses have been associated for such a long time that the Latin name of the city, Eporedia, is said to originate from Ypporegia, made up of the Greek ippos (horse) and the Gallic reda (cart), therefore a station for horse-drawn carts. If the association between the city and horses goes back to ancient times, as also testified by the summer San Savino horse fair, the relationship between horse and drivers is even deeper and complex and is strongly ingrained in the area. The horse herder/driver is not just a keen horse breeder, skilled at driving a pair of horses or four-in-hand.
He belongs to a unique world, still to discover, full of secrets passed down from one generation to the next, of which proof can be seen in the fine trappings and elegant gait of the horses drawing the orange carts.