Marcia Funebre – The Funeral March

The Historic Carnival of Ivrea
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Marcia Funebre – The Funeral March

The Funeral March is certainly one of the most moving moments of carnival.
It takes place on Shrove Tuesday evening after the last Scarlo has been burnt in Borghetto. After the flames have died down, the General leading his horse on foot, the General Staff and the little Abbà, followed by the Ivrea townspeople in strictest silence, walk to Piazza Ottinetti.
The only sounds to be heard are the swords of the General and of the General Staff that touch the ground, and the Funeral March played by the Pipes and Drums. When all have arrived in Piazza Ottinetti, and the Funeral March is finished, the Pipes and Drums play the Generala for the last time.
In payment for their work, the General gives the Head Piper a coin and then pronounces the sentence: “arvedse a giobia a ‘n bot” (we’ll see you on Thursday at one o’clock); the appointment to meet again all together for the next year’s carnival.