The Historic Carnival of Ivrea
The Carnival A to Z

Supreme Head of the Government of the City, the Magnificent Podesta was appointed, since the fourteenth century, from Credendari, the municipal councilors of the time, and was responsible for administration and justice.
Chosen outside the municipality to ensure its impartiality, the mayor when he came into office, after swearing on the book of statutes, was to withdraw with a special hammer kept at the town hall, among the ruins of a stone and threw Castellazzo Dora as in breach of the Marquis of Monferrato.
The ceremony is repeated every year, the Sunday morning of carnival. For several years it has also taken the traditional offering of candles by the city, represented by the Bishop Podesta. Shall be a solemn day of the Epiphany in the cathedral at 16.
I Credendari belonged to various districts in which the city was divided, were in the maximum number of seventy, and formed a kind of senate, among them were elected by the Council of Sages in charge of drafting and revision of the statutes, three prosecutors keeping of records and a Treasurer to manage costs. I Credendari were the city government and, as such, held administrative and legislative powers.
In August of each year held a special session in which he was elected the mayor, who remained in office only one year, and once it had established judicial powers. One can therefore say that, compared to the district authorities, are now in the same ratio as between the members of Parliament and the Government. I Credendari participated in the major events the city will formally take the mayor.