Carnival Sunday

The Historical Carnival of Ivrea
Carnival Sunday

The Eporediesi head to the different charitable Bean Feasts to get the beans on Sunday morning:

Castellazzo (Maretta square), San Lorenzo (Ex Polveriera), Dora Baltea street and San Bernardo (Chiesa square). The Miller’s daughter and the General pay visit to the Castellazzo Bean Feast.

This morning also sees one of the most symbolic moments of the whole Carnival: the Preda in Dora. Il Podestà (the Chief Magistrate) and his entourage together with the Credendari, all escorted by the Alfieri (Standard bearers) and the Pifferi e Tamburi (Flutes and Drums), throw away down the valley a Castellazzo stone by saying the formula: ‘Hoc facimus in spretum olim Marchionis Montisferrati, nec permittemus aliquod aedificium fieri ubi erant turres domini Marchionis’ (‘We do this to show our contempt for the Monferrato Marquis, we will never allow anybody to build anything where the old Marquis towers used to be’). This ritual expresses the disdain and refusal for any kind of tiranny.

In the afternoon the first Orange Battle finally kicks off, where the people start with the deployment of the carri da getto (Throwing Carts). Right after that the Corteo Storico (Historical procession) march takes its first steps.