The Historical Carnival of Ivrea

The Epiphany is the day that opens the Historical Ivrea Carnival. On the 6th of January, for the first time, the Pifferi e Tamburi (Flutes and Drums) parade around the town while playing the pifferate music.

Still on the same day we have the investiture of the Generale (General) at Piazza di città (town square).

The Pifferi e Tamburi trace back to 1808, even though their musical tradition had been documented since the 16th century. Their origin is strictly related to the militia that once escorted armies. The Credendari salute the Magnifico Podestà (Chief Magistrate) in front of the Corteo Storico. After that comes the Salt and Bread ceremony and the Corteo Storico, Credendari, Magnifico Podestà, Pifferi e Tamburi procession.

To wrap things up there is the Duomo mass and the Church Candle Ceremony: the Magnifico Podestà, escorted by his entourage and by the Corteo Storico and Credendari, gifts the Bishop the Church Candle to pray the Madonna for the town’s protection. This moment was inspired by an ancient ritual that took place at the Tre Re (three kings) Chapel on the Mountain Stella. This chapel was built around the year 1220 after Saint Francis’ advice.