Fat Thursday

The Historical Carnival of Ivrea
Fat Thursday

On Fat Thursday the day gets started with the symbolic handover of power from the Ivrea Mayor to the Generale (General). The citizens are encouraged to wear the Berretto Frigio (Frigio beret) during the Orange Battle days. The Corteo Storico (Historical Procession) marches around town and the children party at Ottinetti square. There also is the Cuj Bean Feast at Palma street.

The Historical Procession then pays its homage to the Bishop, while the Abbà (Abbots) see the Mayor. The Oditori and General Administrators of the militias and Genti di Guerra (war people) from Canavese receive their investiture.

The night in town offers a wide selection of parties: you can wear your masks to participate in the J’ Amis ad Piassa d’la Granaia party at Ottinetti square. In the meanwhile the aranceri (Orange Throwers) celebrate, everyone in their own square: the Mercenari (Mercenaries) at the Public Gardens, the Credendari at Freguglia square, the Diavoli (devils) at Diavolandia, the Pantere (panthers) at Vicoli Cerai square, Scacchi (chess) at Palma street, Morte (death) at Cavour Avenue, Picche (pikes) at Città square.