The penultimate Sunday before Carnival

The Historical Carnival of Ivrea
The penultimate Sunday before Carnival

Sunday morning is the day of the Fagiolate (Bean Feasts). They are in different places in town: the Bean Feasts of Montenavale, Cuj dij Vigne (Modina restaurant); Torre Balfredo (at Casa Giuseppina, 2 Frandina street at 10,30 a.m.); Santi Pietro e Donato (11 San Pietro Martire street).

The Generale (General), the Stato Maggiore (General Assembly) and Pifferi e Tamburi (Flutes and Drums) come by to visit them all.

In the meantime the carri da getto (Orange Carts) parade the town center streets; their introduction happens at Rondolino square. Then at midday of the same day the reconciliation ceremony between the Rioni di San Maurizio people and the Borghetto sul Ponte Vecchio people takes place. The procession, with the official flag holder at the forefront, heads to the house of the Abba (Abbot) from San Grato, San Maurizio, Sant’Ulderico, San Lorenzo e San Salvatore (Abbot). The helpers raise the Abbá from the balcony to show it to the crowd while the Pifferi e Tamburi play their music and the Generale salutes. The Sostituto Cancelliere (Deputy Chancellor) reads the Record Book and his parents, the Abbot, the Generale and the witnesses sign it. To complete the ordeal, the historical procession parades in town together with the Generale headed to town square.