The third to last Sunday before Carnival

The Historical Carnival of Ivrea
The third to last Sunday before Carnival

Sunday morning is the day of the Fagiolate (Bean Feasts). People can get the fat beans at the Bellavista Bean Feast (Kennedy street) and San Giovanni (Boves square). The General, the General Assembly and the Pifferi e Tamburi visit the Bean Feasts.

Still during this morning the Sostituto Cancelliere (Deputy Chancellor) receives the Record Book from the Gran Cancelliere (Great Chancellor): this happens because it’s the Sostituto Cancelliere duty to write down all the Carnival related events.

Right after that we can see the Prise du Drapeau ceremony at Town square: in here the Alfiere dello Stato Maggiore (Standard Bearer of the General Assembly) receives a flag. The flags are Carnival characters in a very real sense: they pinpoint the town parish churches and they are carried by the Alfieri (Standard Bearers).

On Sunday afternoon we have the first Alzata degli Abbá: the procession heads to the Piccoli Priori dei Rioni of San Grato house, San Maurizio, Sant’Ulderico, San Lorenzo and San Salvatore.

The Aiutanti di Campo raise the Abbá (Abbot) and display it to the crowd while the Pifferi e Tamburi  play their music and the Generale salutes. The Sostituto Cancelliere reads the Record Book and his parents, the Abbá, the General and the witnesses sign it.

The Abbá are the young priors of the parish churches; in the past they were influential and renowned chiefs in charge of the holiday events. Today, they are brought to life by children, two from every parish church.