The Foundation

The aim of the foundation is set out in Article 4 of the Statute that specifies the methods of organisation and aims to pursue.

The foundation is a non-profit making organisation, managed with economy, fully independent from the legal, financial and economic viewpoints.

The Foundation pursues solely aims of public interest, carrying out its work and assigning resources available for the promotion, support and performance of the Carnival of the City of Ivrea – recognised as an Italian event of international importance, as acknowledged in the communication by the President of the Cabinet of 27.09.1956 (Sheet No.  02999/894  File 02999/894.). – all in the respect of the history and folk traditions that are a distinctive feature of Ivrea Carnival, as stated in the “Ceremonial of the Historic Carnival of Ivrea”.

The Foundation collaborates with the City of Ivrea, to which the event belongs, in protecting the identity, specificity, historicity, names, symbols, features, ceremonies, flags, coats of arms, publications, ceremonial and director’s notes, colours, costumes, uniforms, hymns, music and other musical expressions and anything else that characterises and belongs to the civic festival, adopting, if necessary, all forms of legal protection, including those concerning rights of a person and those provided for by articles 8 – 19 of legislative decree No. 30 of 10.02.2005.

Moreover, the Foundation promotes all those innovations able to successfully raise the cultural contents and prestige of the event in Italy and worldwide, by planning and coordinating activities and initiatives also on days other than the carnival or the days immediately before or after it, in order to act as a permanent, concrete reference point for activities and initiatives on topics pertaining to single items of the event, favouring exchanges with similar institutions in Italy and Europe.

In order to achieve its aims, the Foundation may draw up and implement its plans and projects, as well as collaborating with other bodies; it may carry out any type of financial, commercial, movable and immovable property transaction permitted by laws applicable at the time and by this Statute, instrumental in and/or connected with and/or useful for achieving its institutional aims.

In order to achieve its objectives, the Foundation may also take action, such as, for example:

  • directly or indirectly organise research projects, studies, conferences, congresses, meetings, exhibitions, and events, or promote, coordinate and subsidise similar initiatives by other bodies;
  • organise conferences, courses, seminars, set up and keep archives, publish results of studies, research or its work, create or subsidise awards and scholarships and finance publications;
  • stipulate any appropriate deed or contract, also for financing operations decided upon, including but not limited to, taking out short or long-term mortgages, acquiring property by purchase, leasehold or rent, stipulating  any form of agreement that may also be transcribed in public records, with public or private bodies that are deemed appropriate and useful for achieving the aims of the Foundation;
  • administer and manage the goods of which it is the owner, tenant, commodatary or it has anything other entitlement;
  • take part in public or private associations, bodies or institutions, whose business is directly or indirectly oriented toward similar aims to those of the Foundation; if necessary acting jointly, where deemed appropriate, to set up the afore-mentioned bodies;
  • directly or indirectly take part in, set up, or jointly set up companies, in the pursuit of its institutional aims, always in support of the same;
  • carry out in support of its primary aims, all activities accessory to and integrating the same.