Organs of the foundation

The Foundation
Organs of the foundation

For the three-year period 2016/2019 the Foundation consists of:

The Board of Directors, having 5 members, including the President and Vice President, who are:

  • Piero Gillardi in the role of President
  • Four councilors: Roberto Panetti (vice President,) Marina Zannini, Marco Boni and Paolo Cafasso.

The board members remain in office for three years and can be reappointed only once.

The Carnival Members’s Association supports the Board of Directors for working and have advisory powers on resolutions concerning organisational aspects of the Carnival.
Founded and renewed by the Board of Directors, it is formed by delegates from all historical carnival components recorded in a special Official Register:  Group of Alfieri , Pifferi and Tamburi (Pipes and Drums), Circolo Ufficiali e Stato Maggiore  (Officers Club and General Staff), Scorta d’Onore della Mugnaia (Official Miller’s daughter’s bodyguards), Credendari (historical group), Scorta del Podestà (Official Podestà bodyguards), Associazione Aranceri a piedi (Association of orange-throwers on foot), Albo carri da getto (Register of orange-throwing carts), Comitato della Croazia Polenta e Merluzzo (Historical carnival food association), A.U.C./S.O.A.S (University Student Associations), Amis ad Piassa d’la Granaja (carnival association), Associazione Museo dello Storico Carnevale (Historical Carnival Museum Association), Citoyens de la Ville d’Ivrée (historical carnival association), Ordine della Mugnaia(Official association of the Miller’s Daughters), Associazione Vivandiere (Official sutlers’ association), Associazione Aranceri carri da Getto (Official Association of orange-throwers on carts).