Founding principles

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Founding principles

Founding principles
The Historical Carnival of Ivrea is a cultural event in which the Ivrea community identifies strongly with its history. In particular, the Historical Carnival ritual, with its tradition, symbolism and allegory, is seen as a celebration of the process of self-determination of the community that frees itself from tyranny.
This tie between history and tradition is at the very core of our identification in the Historical Carnival of Ivrea and is a collective patrimony shared by many.
It is this patrimony that we want to increase in value and that we intend to promote by making more and more people aware of what it is actually about and the values involved.

As regards authenticity, we think it is necessary, starting from the protocol in the Ceremonial, to identify and make the most of all the authentic episodes that are the corner stones and characteristic features of the Historical Carnival. This means going from the oldest, original acts that can be traced back to the Abbey festivals, passing through the enrichments added in the 19th century and coming to the more popular aspects of the Orange Battle.
All these authentic passages have to become meaningful and accessible through communication and divulgation, allowing both townspeople and carnival-lovers to regain possession of their origins and their significance.
In prospect, the aim is to give visibility and recognition to these episodes by conferring a hallmark of authenticity, without denying people in the city the right to enjoy less solemn events that can be organised more informally than the ritual authentic acts.

The criteria for deciding on what to present alongside the authentic episodes of the Historical Carnival have to be based on essentiality. Proposals for exhibitions and projects unrelated to the authentic episodes will therefore be selected with the greatest care. Our aim is to keep attention, energy and resources concentrated on the items to be promoted.
We also want to avoid an excessive number of events stealing the limelight from the essential episodes, or even creating a situation where the authentic episodes are seen as being equally important to fringe activities.

All choices necessarily have to pursue quality throughout the event, from how each single episode is re-enacted to how the protagonists/players behave.

In facing the task of coordinating events in the Historical Carnival, the Foundation and the Boards of Directors intend to seek and solicit the collaboration of those involved, in all situations in which the latter are qualified and competent.
We want to exploit their contribution to the event and accord them greater visibility, particularly as regards those who carry out activities with a high social added value and who work as invisible volunteers, as happens with the bean feasts or the polenta and cod.
The critical and propositional contribution of those involved, the real heroes of the Historic Carnival, should be increased, most of all in issues where they are directly involved, in order to pass on more and more responsibility to them.

Rediscovery of the collective identity represented by the Historical Carnival and its value in terms of civics require a sort of re-foundation using a capillary promotion plan, starting from the local area.
To this end, one of the priority actions will be a project addressing school children, in collaboration with the local educational groups, in the hope that by teaching children, future citizens of Ivrea, also their parents and adults are able to regain awareness of the significance of the event.
Putting children in the centre is a concept that summarises our intention to graft the new start of Ivrea Carnival right from the roots.
In drawing up this manifesto we took into account in particular Article 4 of the Foundation Statute – which we invite you to refer to – especially as concerns the Foundation’s aims of public interest, respect for history and folk traditions that are a distinctive feature of the Historical Carnival of Ivrea, protection of the identity, specificity and historicity of the event, and promotion of all innovations that can successfully raise the cultural contents and prestige of the event in Italy and worldwide.
In addition, by setting out these guidelines, the Board of Directors, in office for the three-year period 2009/2011, states its intention to work as transparently as possible.