Alfieri – The Ensigns

The Historic Carnival of Ivrea
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Alfieri – The Ensigns

The Ensigns (Alfieri) head the Ivrea Carnival Parade, carrying the old flags of the parishes or city quarters.

For a long time in the past this was done by individuals recruited and put together at random by the City Council, thus losing the importance and value deserved.
In 1996 a group of young friends (from the Eporediae Paçdaran group) was asked by the incumbent General Paolo Bravo to cover the role, reorganising the flag-bearers and improving their image.

In 1998 the group set up the Ensign Association, confirming their willingness to head the Historical Parade, bringing honour to the old standards and the new city parishes they represent, and doing all they could to revamp the image of the ensigns and the return the flags to their former glory.